Welcome to the Hypixel Knights Wiki!

This wikia is for Hypixel Knights Guild on Hypixel. We have this wikia to inform all the people that is in Hypixel Knights and for those who wants to know about our guild.

What we have is,

☀ 1. A long Information about Hypixel Knights

☀ 2. Hypixel Knights History

☀ 3.Guild Ranks (Including those deleted ones in Discord like Forum Nerd)

☀ 4.All The Staff Members including the Former ones

☀ 5.All Events that we made in past (Need a lot of help for that)

☀ 6.All Team Pages (Application Team, Events Team etc and their head)

☀ 7.Staff Ranks Inforrmation (Manager, Officer...)

☀ 8.A long Information about the Discord Server

☀ 9.Maybe pages for certain members like Former Staff and Current Staff

☀ 10.Dramas that have been happened to the Discord Server (whattrash's bot for example, you know what i mean)

☀ 11.Big HK Memes

Important articles

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